2017 NEAHP Conference March 5-7, Westin Portland Harborview Hotel

Check out the DaVinci Booth at the New England Association for Healthcare Philanthropy Conference.  Don’t miss the DaVinci Roundtable at 7:30 AM on Monday, March 6th: “Mailing Smarter, Not Harder — The Ticket to a More Cost-effective Direct Response Program.  We all want 100% of our audience to respond to each fundraising communication, but if I had found the silver bullet, I’d be on the beach in the Caribbean right now!  The key is identifying those segments that are most likely to respond and putting the bulk of your budget there, while finding less costly means to communicate with the less frequent responders or riskier prospects.  During this Roundtable, we’ll talk about integrated direct response strategies to reduce direct mail quantities and costs, while sustaining or increasing revenue and driving response rate through the roof.  Jamie Goldring, Senior Account Executive & Digital Strategist at DaVinci Direct, will facilitate.

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