who we are
Tony and Steve

DaVinci Direct is a full-service integrated direct response fundraising agency with a national reputation for increasing response and revenue for nonprofit organizations like yours.  Innovative strategy, award-winning creative and advanced analytics for direct mail, email, web and integrated, multichannel programs.  Let DaVinci develop customized, data-driven solutions to solve your fundraising challenges and significantly increase results.


Left: CEO Tony Genovese & President Steve Maggio founded DaVinci Direct in 2005.


Create. Invent. Inspire.

These three words are more than the tagline for DaVinci Direct. They summarize our mission statement and organizational philosophy.

We invite you to ask those who work with us about the DaVinci experience. You’ll find that we are driven by strategic vision, creative innovation, customer service and a firm grasp of the most important issue: bottom-line results.

“All our knowledge has its origins in our perceptions.”
                                                    – Leonardo Da Vinci


Our vision is to help your program reach its fullest potential; to do it in the most cost-effective manner possible – and to treat your organization and the people on your team with absolute respect, honesty and attentive, hands-on customer service. Whether your goal is to increase your return on investment, bring new donors into the fold, upgrade donors and migrate them to planned and major giving – or all of the above – our goal is to give you what you need. Simply put, we adopt your mission as our own, then use the best powers of creativity, technology and innovation to help you fulfill it.

“ Life is pretty simple:  You do some stuff… You do more of what works.  If it works big, others quickly copy it.  Then you do something else.  The trick is the doing something else.”  
– Leonardo Da Vinci


First and foremost, DaVinci will serve you with integrity and professionalism. We truly appreciate the opportunity to serve you and display four key tenets that comprise our philosophy:

Results Come First: Your program’s performance is always the number one priority at DaVinci Direct. Beautiful design and artful language are only relevant when they serve a client’s need.

Experience: Our management team has built and improved the direct marketing programs of a diverse number of large, successful non-profits over the years.

Stewardship: Our clients entrust us with hard-earned assets.  Just as they have an obligation to their donors and clients to make the most of every dollar, we have an obligation to use those assets with integrity. Our philosophy is to treat our client’s money as if it were our own.

Respect: We can’t imagine an agency where the staff holds their clients in higher regard. At DaVinci Direct, we respect the organizations we work for and the individuals who represent them. Many of our clients have been with us for years both here at DaVinci and at the previous agencies where we have worked and have developed important relationships with our staff. We’ve earned their trust year after year and we value it highly.

core Team 

Tony Genovese

Chief Executive Officer

Tony is co-founder and CEO of DaVinci Direct and will direct his focus and leverage…

Steve Maggio

Steve Maggio

President/Chief Creative Officer

A co-founder of DaVinci Direct, Steve Maggio is an industry leader who has provided marketing strategy…

William Valenzuela

William Valenzuela

Account Director

William has more than 20 years of direct marketing and e-marketing experience. Along with…

Jamie Goldring

Jamie Goldring

Senior Account Executive/Digital Strategist

Jamie has a breadth of experience working in nonprofit…

Leanne Barkley

Senior Account Executive

With 10 years of fundraising experience, Leanne is a seasoned professional who brings a wealth…

Chase Hoffman

Account Coordinator

As Account Coordinator, Chase acts as liaison between DaVinci’s non-profit clients and our agency staff…

Amanda Kelley

Amanda Kelley

Art Director

Amanda is the leader of the design team in our Plymouth, MA, headquarters. Equally adept at print, web…

Ellyn Willette

Graphic Designer

Ellyn is a talented graphic designer who brings a wide range of creative skills to the DaVinci team.  She has…