Alessia Genovese

Alessia Genovese;Alessia Genovese;Alessia Genovese

Production Manager

Alessia manages print production at DaVinci Direct. This entails quoting each job to multiple vendors to ensure that the best combination of timing, quality and pricing is attained. In addition, she manages communication between the account team, the vendors and the clients.

She is responsible for contracting production with the chosen vendor, keeping track of each job’s status, performing print and laser proofing, reviewing segmentation grids for coding accuracy and reviewing live samples for quality prior to mailing. Alessia’s goal for each of our client’s mailings is that they mail on time, right and within budget.

Alessia also serves as the company’s liaison with the United States Postal Service, assisting clients in obtaining non-profit mailing extensions and ensuring that each mailing makes the best use of available postal discounts.