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DaVinci Direct Introduces

an omnichannel fundraising solution

Are you taking advantage of all that today’s new media and technology have to offer? Are you seamlessly integrating your web initiatives with traditional channels such as direct mail, print, telemarketing and special events?

Your goal has always been to send the right message to the right person at the right time. However, with the proliferation of new media, you must now deal with the added challenge of communicating through the right combination of channels as well.

Maximizing your fundraising footprint online is essential to forging better donor relationships today and into the future.  Coordinating offline and online programs across media channels is absolutely necessary as we strive to increase donor loyalty and program efficiency in an extremely competitive fundraising environment.

That’s why DaVinci Direct is proud to bring an exciting new tool called DaVinci Palette to the non-profit organizations we serve.

DaVinci Palette allows you to create personal, relevant and timely online communications ­­— working in tandem with your direct mail efforts — delivered when, where and how your donors want them.

“The DaVinci Palette Experience” begins with a solid understanding of your donor.  Who she is, her giving history, survey responses and channel preferences are all part of her donor relationship profile.  Our strategic approach is informed by in-depth reporting and analysis, predictive modeling, segmentation, testing, triggering rules and targeted offers based on donor behavior.

The result is a contact strategy that integrates multiple media channels into a cohesive program, building synergy in messaging and branding across all channels, including direct mail, email, web, mobile, social media, telemarketing and more.

“We turn data into ideas.  And ideas into revenue that is measurable and sustainable to drive your mission.”
                                                                        – DaVinci Direct

Solution Summary

Meeting the Challenges You Face Today

Competition for fundraising dollars, advocacy and volunteer action, special event participation, and major donors has never been greater.  We will work with you to develop winning strategies and execute interactive multi-channel relationship marketing campaigns based on donor preferences and your organization’s specific fundraising goals.

In the past, people seemed fixated on “converting” mail donors to become online donors, or vice-versa.  At DaVinci Direct, we feel that it is all about donor choice.

DaVinci Palette will help you to:

Create, execute and manage integrated multi-channel fundraising campaigns
Facilitate omnichannel fundraising strategy and planning
Deliver more complete and accurate reporting capabilities in real-time
Drive traffic to your website, special events pages, monthly giving offers, major donor societies, planned giving offers, etc.
Attract younger donors by leveraging the latest e-channels: Web, email, and text messaging

Perhaps best of all, the added value of DaVinci Palette comes without any disruption of your current infrastructure.

Better Targeting! Better Results!

Our ability to leverage data and execute strategies across all communication channels will allow you to cultivate deeper relationships with your donors.  Specifically, we will:

Unify the donor’s on- and off-line experiences through better orchestration of the digital and direct mail channels
Drive improved donor engagement, increase the number of gifts per donor per year, and increase overall giving
Implement an omnichannel approach to your direct mail and digital marketing programs, guided by a holistic communications and content strategy
Improve audience selection and segmentation
Create highly personalized, integrated campaigns customized for each audience
Execute direct mail, email and social media campaigns that work in tandem with your existing donor database and constituent relationship manager (CRM)

“It’s all about donor choice. Give your donors a choice of whether they want to give online or through the mail, and measure the effectiveness of each medium on an ongoing basis.”
                                                               – DaVinci Direct

Cutting Edge Analytics

From donor long-term value analysis to advanced predictive models, we will provide the experience and personnel to deliver meaningful analysis, present findings in a clear, relevant manner and develop concrete fundraising strategies based on those findings.

Holistic reporting and analytics will generate new insights about your donors, paving the way for future growth: by combining real-time online reporting capabilities with direct mail analytics, you will for the first time have a complete picture of how your donors are engaging with you. These powerful reporting capabilities produce new insights that will inform how we communicate with and solicit your donors in the future.

In regards to analytics, DaVinci Palette enables:

Holistic, robust reporting capabilities, depicting donor response across all channels
Real-time program optimization to maximize return on investment
Automated reporting to see on-line results in real-time

DaVinci Palette uses analytics to develop fundraising strategies for guiding program investments, implementing communication solutions, measuring campaign results and then optimizing those results over time. Our analytical approach leads to more effective donor acquisition, retention, upgrading and win-back strategies.

Omnichannel Campaign Management

DaVinci Palette provides omnichannel services and solutions for planning, executing, and analyzing multi-channel campaigns that enable your organization to effectively coordinate and communicate messages across multiple channels.

For several clients, we execute e-campaigns in conjunction with all or most direct mail appeals (both preceding and/or following mail dates), as well as stand alone campaigns focused on monthly giving, news events, program-specific initiatives and special events. Regardless of the form of media, we will aggressively drive activity to your website for important news, regular and special appeals, education and monthly giving.

You’ll be able to test multiple offers, creative executions and different media combinations, manage the execution of those campaigns — and then act quickly to take advantage of the new knowledge you’ve gained.

In addition, DaVinci can provide counsel to help you optimize your donate pages, drive traffic to your website, and grow your email file.

The right blend of art and science at precisely the right time!