How we do it

Blending Art & Science

to Create Donor Relationships

Create.  Invent.  Inspire.  It’s more than a tagline for DaVinci Direct.  It’s our organizational philosophy.  We take a holistic approach to data-driven creativity to provide you with:

Full-service integrated direct response fundraising
Award-winning creative copy and design
Responsive customer service
Program strategy and planning
Printing and mailing services
List/Media Planning
Segmentation strategy
Insightful reporting and analysis
Branding and offer formulation
Channel integration: building synergy between direct mail, email, web, telemarketing, mobile, social media and other engagement channels
Testing methodology, including a variety of premium and non-premium formats
Creation, branding and execution of special programs for cultivation of Major Donors, Mid-level Donors and recurring donors — as well as Capital Campaigns and peer-to-peer programs

“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them.  They went out and happened to things.”
                                                                        – Leonardo Da Vinci

Creative Audit

The Creative Audit provides a basis for understanding the concept, design and message of your past and present creative efforts.  It also identifies not only areas of creative improvement but also areas that are successful and should remain unchanged.

During the Creative Audit, our team thoroughly reviews your direct mail packages, website, email blasts and brainstorms for new ideas. Our goal is to generate as many new ideas as possible, and then later whittle down our list of ideas to the best ones suitable for testing.

The outcome of this review will be the development of our creative strategy to guide the creative and art directors in the creation of new packages.

File Audit

Just as the Creative Audit gives us a qualitative look at the creative approach to your fundraising program, the File Audit provides us with a quantitative look at the donors who support your organization.

DaVinci employs a comprehensive file audit that provides a statistical overview of your constituents … who they are, how often they interact, their patterns of participating and giving, their retention by segment, and their annual dollar value. With the insight we gain together, the File Audit will become a foundation for the recommendations and actions that follow in the execution of the program.